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Hashoo Group is a big company in Pakistan known for doing many different types of business. They are especially famous for their hotels like Pearl-Continental Hotels, PC Legacy, and Hotel One. Now, they are starting a new project called Pearl Towers at Askari 11 Lahore, where they will make really good houses and buildings. This shows that Hashoo Group wants to keep getting better and do new things. They are also starting a new project called Pearl Towers in 2024, where they will make nice buildings for people to live in.

Pearls Towers askari lahore

Come to Pearl Towers and find your perfect home!

At Pearl Towers, we offer modern and stylish living spaces. Our buildings are designed beautifully and have all the latest features to make your life easy. We have a community center where you can enjoy parties and meet new people. Our apartments are luxurious and safe, with top-notch security cameras keeping an eye out for you.

Invest in Pearl Towers!

Pearl Towers is a new real estate project by Hashoo Group, the same people who made Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore. It’s in a great location in Lahore’s Askari 11 area. This project has top-notch facilities, making it a good choice for investors who want to make money. The property values in this area are going up fast, and more people want to live in fancy homes like the ones at Pearl Towers. Whether you want to spread out your investments or make money from renting out properties, investing in Pearl Towers is a smart move that can pay off well.

Pearl Towers in Askari 11, Lahore has apartments for sale!

These apartments give you a modern and luxurious lifestyle. You can enjoy a gym, green areas, and nice views from your balcony. Plus, they’re in a great location with easy access to important places like Allama Iqbal Airport, GT road, and DHA Phase 5 Lahore. Buying one of these apartments isn’t just getting a place to live – it’s also a smart investment. Contact us to see our apartments for sale and experience luxury and comfort like never before in Askari 11, Lahore.

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