Risala Agro Farms

An amazing project called Risala Agro Farms offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to those who like being as close to nature as possible while also seeking a comfortable lifestyle and an atmosphere that is environmentally beneficial. Prepare yourself to live the life of your dreams with opulent amenities in the middle of nature. No matter where you live, you have the opportunity to invest to improve your standard of living in the future.

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A practical task really exhibits the residing in present day Farmhouses having Professional flowerbeds envelops local vegetables and natural products where it helps its occupants to achieve their fantasy about savoring lavish yet quiet, more secure, worthwhile and useful residing. It is expected to empower the fantasy of individuals living in quietness or tranquil society work out by giving them excellent Conveniences envelops Risala Instructive foundations, Risala Medical care establishments, Risala Resorts, Fantastic Mosque, Risala Sports Club, Risala Gym, Tent Fixing, Risala Golf Club, Risala Play lands, Childcare, Risala Fundamental utilities (gas, water, power) and so forth!

Risala Agro Farms

You are invited to one of the finest farmhouses in Pakistan, provided by Risala Agro Farms. You may fall in love with it just by looking at the interior. You’ll feel right at home in one of their Farmhouses. Additionally, they provide all of these lavish farmhouses at affordable prices and convenient installment plans. Many investors had turned their attention to Risala Agro Farms. A lot of investors are amused by its conveniences and offerings, so seize this chance quickly!

Amenities In Risala Agro Farms

  • Riding Club
  • Botanical Garden
  • Water Resource Reserve
  • Grand Jamia Mosque
  • Community Resort
  • Petrol Station
  • Sports Community
  • Entertainment
  • Tent Pegging
  • Electricity
  • Water Supply
  • 5 Star Hotel
  • Retail Community
  • Proper Sewerage System


Gold Club in Risala Farms

Residents of Risala Agro Farms are promised and given access to a rural lifestyle. a simple, advanced, and elegant way of living that is active. Which sport provides the best rural ambiance, setting, and feel, then? Golf. A healthy body and mind can be attained by playing golf. Golf can also help you live a better life. It teaches you to be patient, sharpens your focus, and sharpens your judgement.

The Risala Golf Club wants to offer its golfers the most beautiful and appealing golf course possible. The Risala Golf Course has a sizable expanse of greenery that offers a beguiling natural scenery that raises endorphin levels, gentle breezes that refresh you, long walks on the natural carpets to improve your physical condition, and driving ranges to relieve your movement. At Risala Agro Farms, we are confident that our golf club will encourage both the growth of the sport in Pakistan and the participation of its fans. Studio Apartmnets in Dubai

Amenities in Community

Risala Agro Farms Payment Plan

ย in Islamabad provides customers an affordable and comfortable payment plan for its buyers. With a range of options available, buyers can choose a plan that fits their financial situation and meets their specific needs. The payment plan is transparent, secure, and easy to understand, making the process of purchasing a plot at Risala Agro Farms an enjoyable experience for everyone.

To meet the demands and budgets of its clients, a housing project by Risala Properties Private Limited offers a range of payment plans and lot sizes. When making a down payment, it’s crucial to keep in mind that taxes are not included and will be charged in accordance with local legislation. The possession fee will be paid in addition to separate management development fees. 25% of the total cost is required as a down payment, and 15% of the total cost is the possession fee.


Risala Agro Farms Master Plan

Punjab is the most populous province in Pakistan, which, while contributing the most to natural agricultural production, also makes it challenging for people to live in an environmentally pleasant atmosphere. In order to provide safer, more productive, profitable, and environmentally friendly living, Risala Agro farms was built in a very peaceful location of Punjab. By applying current technology, precision agriculture, and robotic systems.

Islamabad International Airport serves Twin Cities internationally. It is situated at the Kashmir Highway and Motorway Interchange, 64 kilometres west of the twin cities. The International Airport of Pakistan’s capital city is barely 54 km distant from Risala Agro Fields, which were built in a highly favorable location.

The majority of Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s traffic is made easier by the Chakri Interchange . The location of Risala Farms, which is approximately 22 kilometres from the Chakri interchange , is particularly beneficial to its residents.

More than 2000 Kanals of land total are covered by Risala Agro Farm. The available plots for investors range in size from 4 kanals to 8 kanals to 12 kanals to 16 kanals to 20 kanals. Investors are encouraged to select the best possible plan based on their own needs.

Risala Agro Farms Location

is conveniently reachable from all key parts of the city due to its location in Gharibwal, Ganda Kass, the city’s centre. Some of the city’s most significant monuments, including the Islamabad International Airport, significant hospitals, schools, and universities, are conveniently located adjacent to the project. For families and people who value accessibility and convenience, this is the perfect location.

The Islamabad International Airport, which is 64 kilometres to the west of the Twin Cities and close to the Kashmir Highway and Motorway Interchange, serves as the city’s main entry point. The international airport of the capital city is only 54 km distant from Risala Farms, which was constructed in a prestigious area. Several areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are connected by the Chakri Interchange.


A project of Risala builders and developers is called Risala Agro Farms (Pvt Ltd). Their top objective is to build a location with all the conveniences for their investors. They want to make sure that everyone can benefit from things like sports and entertainment. It is reasonable to state that they have improved Risala Agro Farms beyond your wildest dreams!

This article provided a thorough analysis of Islamabad’s newest development by Risala Builders and Developers (Pvt Ltd), Risala Agro Farms. I hope this information was useful to you! If this was helpful to you, please pass it along to others so they can also benefit.

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